And The Band Played ON

Remember the good old days when Islamic terrorist were part of movies from Back to The Future to Long Kiss Goodnight? The threat was always there to remind us, the audience, how they could harm us and the rest of the world yet that is when it all stopped. In recent weeks, with the Paris killings and other threats, I have been ever worried of something, which seems to spin out of control in many countries in Europe and beyond. The number of those from western as well as eastern European countries, which have joined, IS is not truly known empirically, but the effect it has caused in Europe is felt on a daily basis.

We’ve all heard stories of those who come back from fighting with IS and bringing back with them the same doctrine indoctrinated on them, or perhaps not so much as accepted by them. Most world leaders have accepted as absolute truth these so called IS militants have and are being brainwashed by a skewed view of Islam and the teaching of the Koran. Yet, something comes to mind when all this is being said in newspapers and television programs. The same generalizing rhetoric often depicting the ultimate evil is used more to somehow make believe the world those who actually were born and raised in western countries are victims, but not so much so for those who immigrated into these countries and were marginalized by default. It sure felt so after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the kosher market in Paris where the media was pretty sure and then not so sure of the origins of the terrorists. World leaders united a few days later, marching hand in hand in Paris in a show of solidarity and unity against the ever-growing terrorist threat that looms over Europe as much has it has for the US in the past 15 years or so. Mr. Netanyahu went even further in his fervor for the Jewish cause and welcomed the Jewish community living in France to move to Israel where they would be welcomed. Nicely done indeed there Sir.

What lacked during those days was a strong voice of the outmost respected leaders of the Islamic communities in Europe. They fell short of condemning and speaking up on how the ideology behind the attacks, was not in accordance with Koran’s laws. How could they? The Koran is full of such stories where killings and beheadings of the infidels in the name of Allah is actually mandated by their prophet. They scrambled around like headless chickens trying to find a few words to say so they would show the world they were against the attacks, but also not in such a way, that they may anger their own flock. Nicely done there too Sirs.

A few weeks ago, we had the story of all stories. The one that galvanized the Arab countries in a frenzy of “togetherness against the evil IS” – the killing of Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh, burned alive in a cage. It seems, this last act of unimaginable brutality, has really struck a chord with the Arab world and people from all-different sides are coming together to denounce the latest act of IS. Just a few days ago, after the beheading of a Japanese journalist, the entire country was outraged and in shock, while the Arab world fell silent with just a sprinkle of indignation just to keep the image going. Now? Now we have outrage and calling for beheadings, cutting off hands and feet, crucifixions of those who perpetrated such an act on a fellow Muslim. Yes indeed, they are pissed and they are going about it the same way IS is, an eye for an eye. Why? This time is personal. You Sirs killed one of ours, heck one of you, a fellow Muslim brother just because he was on the other side of this war.

From Jordan’s King Abdullah II, to the Muslim Brotherhood, to Bashar al-Assad, to Hezbollah, to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to even Al Azhar which “is a seat of Islamic learning, considers itself a beacon of moderation and tolerance for the Sunni Muslim world*” came out all together with the same statement that from now on IT IS ON!!!

Oh yeah, they are all gearing up for the ultimate MWWF (Muslim World Wrestling Federation) showdown on primetime TV hopefully coming to an Al Jazeera affiliate near you.

Forget about the killing in northern Iraq, with people fleeing and sleeping in mountains and hills and caves trying to survive the onslaught. Forget about the thousands killed by Bocca Haram just few weeks ago were entire villages were erased off the face of the map. Forget about those killed in Syria. Forget about the thousands of women who have been raped, tortured and forced to marry the IS fighters as they are considered spoils of war. Forget about all that, who cares? The important thing is that you killed a man, and not just any man, a fighter, and not just killed him, you burned him with complete disregard of Koran law which states that “only Allah has the right to burn people”, albeit in Hell of course.  The latest news coming out of all this is that the United Arab Emirates have excused themselves from the coalition attacking IS. It seems they just went; hell, they are killing us now. Up until yesterday were just foreigners.

Now, I am outraged! I am outraged of the double standards of the entire Muslim world, of its leaders both spiritual and otherwise. Above all, I am outraged of the revolting double standards of Islam’s teachings, where it is ok to kill an infidel, but not okay to kill a fellow Muslim, unless otherwise sectioned by the Koran itself. I am outraged of millions upon millions of people who believe that their religion is the best religion just as much as Christians and Jews have done for centuries. Now, it is Islam’s time, they hold the keys they are opening all the floodgates to show us, and the rest of the world how insignificant our lives are and how decadent we are as a society which does not adhere to Koran’s teacjings/laws.

As an atheist, as a true believer and promoter for the abolishment of all organized religions in the world and promoter of personal beliefs without “Divine Supervision”, I am outraged. We are walking backwards in this century, backwards into those oh so glory days of the crusades and the amazing all-powerful Ottoman Empire.  Where the spread of religion was imposed always through the tip of the sword mandated by a Pope or an Imam. I am outraged of the level on ignorance from all religions. As my idol’s the late Christopher Hitchens famous book title said”God is not Great; How religion poisons everything”.

*quote taken from

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